Diet & Nutrition


A good general rule for a healthy diet is to stay to the outside sections of the grocery store. Many foods in the middle of stores are processed sugars and carbohydrates that are not good for you. For snacks, instead of chips, crackers, cookies and gummy fruit snacks, it is best to give them whole fruits and vegetables, cheese, nuts and even yogurt.


Bottles should only have water, breast milk and formula. Babies should NEVER be put to sleep with the bottle, as this causes rapid tooth decay (baby bottle tooth decay). The sippy cup should not have anything except water in it throughout the day. If you want to give your child white milk or 100% juice, then do it during meals. A good expression to remember is juice just once, milk with meals, and water whenever. These are the lifestyle choices we recommend, but there are birthday parties and times for celebration that should be celebrated!


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